CMHS Inc. Is Dedicated To Helping One Another Construct Lives That Are Full of Dignity, Purpose And Meaning

Within the context of its programs, CMHS strives to develop and maintain a diversified community, sharing goals and efforts, aspirations and achievements established through the following actions:

  • Believing in the dignity and worth of each individual as a member of the community.
  • Taking positive actions to create and nurture a climate of mutual respect and regard.
  • Valuing courtesy and consideration in all dealings with others.
  • Firmly committing to the on-going process of participating in the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to create exceptional services and supports for all individuals, while recognizing the strengths and abilities of one another.
  • Dedicating ourselves to collaborative work, to team efforts to promote personal and social change.
  • Recognizing our responsibility to forge strong links to the larger community, and of our willingness to pledge our effort to the advancement of the common good.


Agency Core Values

Dignity, worth, purpose, meaning, trust, respect, courtesy, consideration, knowledge, service, strength, ability, responsibility, willingness, effort and advancement of the common good.

These are the ideals we aspire to, the qualities we value and the concepts we use to gauge our performance as an agency, as a community and as individuals.