CMHS, Inc.

CMHS, Inc.

Welcome to Comprehensive Mental Health Systems, Inc.. It is our hope and intention that you find the website helpful and informative. Dr. James B. Riley, Ph.D., founded CMHS, Inc. in 1978. Since that time, CMHS, Inc. has continued to evolve, offering a broad range of community-based rehabilitative services for people with a wide range of abilities, goals, and needs. Our multi-service approach is inclusive of a dedicated direct care support staff team and skilled managers and clinicians, collectively assisting individuals in the pursuit of personal growth, achievement, and respective accomplishments.

CMHS, Inc. believes in recruiting and maintaining a positive, happy workforce with job satisfaction and making a difference in people’s lives being key contributors toward offering excellent care and service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, who on a daily basis, demonstrate the effort, compassion, and desire to contribute toward the overall well being of others.

Tony Medeiros