Developmental Services Program at Bridgewater State Hospital

Since 1984, CMHS, Inc. has operated the Developmental Services Program within the confines of Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security Department of Corrections facility. The staff working in this program is dedicated to ensuring that each patient served is treated with respect, and provided with a sense of dignity and individual control within the program setting. This goal is accomplished within a correctional setting, which by its very nature seeks to establish and maintain control over every aspect of a patient’s life.

Program staff ensures that the program site serves as a safe zone for the patients at Bridgewater State Hospital who have a diagnosis of Developmental Disability; each patient who attends our program does so with the knowledge that he will be free from harassment from other patients/inmates, and treated with respect by the staff working within the program.

This program is the only one within the Massachusetts Department of Corrections funded by DDS and operated by a DDS licensed vendor. The two individuals who work in this program have over sixty years of experience within this treatment setting, and have both institution and patient based knowledge, which would be impossible to duplicate.